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Chris Nonis: Statement of Minister Keheliya “not-correct”

The Member of Parliament and the investigating Member of the Ministry of foreign affairs Sajin De Vass Gunawardena had stated that what the Minister Keheliya Rambukwella had briefed the media that the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to the UK,Dr Chris Nonis had un invited for the dinner hosted by the representative of the Sri Lanka airlines in New York,Dilan Ariyawansa is totally incorrect.He addressing the media had also said that he had attended the ‘private’ party also uninvited which is also not true as those who attended the party had said  that he was invited.

He has added that at a ‘private party’ held on the 22nd at a restaurant in New York ,an  invitation was extended to all High commissioners including Dr Chris Nonis were invited for this party  on the 23rd where the alleged assault was reported. Sajin Vass Gunawardena had totally denied assaulting Chris Nonis at the residence of the host but had said there was only a heated argument.


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1 Comment

  1. RG Gooneratne

    This man is not someone who has been born and bred in a drain.. He is a well educated and well respected diplomat. Mostly a perfect gentleman.. Sure he knows ethics & protocols… Unlike most of our present ministers.. This a a shame on our country…GOD BLESS SRILANKA…


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