Food Fair 2015... organized Athula Dassana International Buddhist Temple

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Pictures by Asanka Hemachandra

Athula Dassana International Buddhist temple held their food festival successfully at the Heston Primary School, Heston, TW5 0RL on Saturday 14th of March 2015. This day was special as not only for all Sri Lankans but also for other communities. Devotees and other members of the community could remember the past events of food festivals of the last years, organised by this temple under the guidance of the head of the temple Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero.

The food festival is a celebration of the different tastes of the community, which supports Sri Lankan traditional foods. Ven. Wanduraba Kassapa Thero explained the aim of the festival as a fund raising event to build the New Athula Dassana Temple in Feltham area. The event’s main sponsor was Mrs. Anoma Warnakulasooriya and her aim was to bless her beloved sister Gnanawathi Ranwala who passed away recently. Ven.Wanduraba Kassapa Thero, Mrs Anoma Warnakulasooriya and other sponsors who participated in the event, lighted the traditional oil lamp.
Islanders band presented fantastic music during the festival. All the visitors had a great chance to enjoy the food and the music.

We had a great selection of traditional Sri Lankan foods. It was a buffet consisting of traditional Sri Lankan food other delicacies. All had an opportunity to buy food; various taste of cakes, drinks. There were Sri Lankan batik clothes and crafts on offer price. At the last part of the festival there was a delicious cake auction, which generated vital funds for our temple. Mrs Maheshi Kokila made the cakes.

More than 250 visitors came to taste the Sri Lankan foods. Devotees of the temple and sponsors greatly supported the success of the event. As a fund raising event, all funds of the event will be used to build the kitchen and shrine area in the New Athula Dassana Temple in Feltham. Our temple opened on the 7th July 2011 and we have held a number of various religious, cultural and social events, enabling us to raise much-needed funds.

By E.M.P.S.Ekanayaka

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