The Prime Minister, David Cameron, expresses his best wishes for Sinhala and Tamil New Year

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I would like to send my best wishes to everyone in Britain, Sri Lanka and around the world celebrating Aluth Avurudda and to all Tamil communities celebrating Puthandu today. It’s a time when millions of people will be coming together with families, friends and neighbours to celebrate their New Year.

But it is also a time to remember the fantastic contribution Tamil and Sinhalese communities make to Britain. We see it around us, every single day – in our schools and our hospitals, in the arts and businesses – you play an incredibly important and positive role.

I’m sure many people celebrating today will be thinking of loved ones overseas, especially in Sri Lanka. When I met with President Sirisena in Downing Street last month I offered my support for the steps his government has begun to take to address the issues of the past. But I was also clear that the Government must go further and that they must continue to offer full support to the ongoing UN investigation.

I hope that this New Year will bring communities closer together in helping to heal the wounds of the past.

To everyone celebrating Puthandu and Aluth Avurudda I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.”

Downing Street, April 13th 2015