An Opportunity to join a Weekly session of Mindfullness and Meditation

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Dear parents of young children,

Here is a message of an opportunity for you to read first and then get your young child/ren to join a very valuable session of MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION.

It is a Dhamma Programme conducted on every Sunday in English via Zoom by a well-versed and experienced Dhamma teacher called Venerable Panadure Chandarathana Thero (Deputy Abbot of Nissarana Vanaya Monastery).

This programme was started in April 2020 and is hosted by a group of young adults in Australia. It starts at 8 a.m. in UK time with general instructions and individual meditation for 30 minutes. Venerable Chandarathana Thero joins at 8:30 a.m. in UK time and starts guided meditation for 30 minutes. At 9.00 a.m. in UK time, the Venerable Bhante delivers a sermon for 30 minutes followed by a question & answer session where you can ask any question and Bhante would answer.

Your child/ren can just join even without video since it is a bit early in a Sunday morning.

Please tell them that this is a kind request from the temple for your child/ren to join in the programme. Their participation even for a short time is highly appreciated. They can join at 8:30 a.m. which is the time of guided meditation. We especially encourage them to join the English Dhamma Talk at 9:00 a.m. They can leave the meeting at any stage of the programme.

Theruwan Saranai!

Rev. K. Gunawansa Nayaka Thero

Below are the details of the programme.

Dear friends in Dhamma,

Please find below the agenda and the connection details for the session each Sunday.

Program Details:

The times are given in AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra time) and Sri Lanka time. If you are connecting from other time zones you may have to convert the time.

You can opt to start at 7 PM (AEST), 30 minutes before the guided sitting session,
- to participate in a mindful walking practice session. OR,
- to listen to the basic instructions - there will be three links to click and listen on the chat window for breathing practice, walking practice and mindful practice on rising-and-falling.

The bell will be rung at 7.30 PM for Venerable Chandaratana Thero, Deputy Abbot of Nissarana Vanaya Monastery to start the guided sitting session.
In UK time
8.00 am
Participants join the meeting. Introductions and housekeeping - 5 mins
8.05 am
Walking practice (or listening to basic instructions): 25 mins (optional)
8.30 am
Sitting practice
- Guided session: 10 mins
- Continue with mindful practice: 20 mins
9.00 pm
Dhamma talk – Mindfulness practice techniques from the scriptures
9.30 pm
Q&A (starting with reflections from the practice)
10.00 pm

How to interact:
There are four methods to communicate with Venerable Bhanthe during the Q&A time,
(1). Raise hand in ZOOM - click the icon or menu item showing "Raise Hand" so that the host can unmute and allow you to be the speaker
(2). Post on chat window - click the "Chat" icon to open the chat window to write and post the question / comment
(3). Use the Google form below to submit your questions (you can be completely anonymous when using this method)
(4). Send your question or comments to email: before Sunday 6.30 PM AEST (you can attach an image of your handwritten document to the email as well).

All the recordings of the programme can be downloaded from the NV monastery web page by clicking the link below (please note that the guided segments and Q&A sessions are separated),

How to connect:
We will be using the popular conferencing tool "Zoom". Click the link and use below information to connect on the day.
If you have any issues please contact (or send WhatsUP or Viber message to) Suranga (Sydney) - 0474166441, Aruna (Melbourne) - 0450075324, Chathura (Brisbane) - 0401224017 or Badra - (+61) 0414739182 (

Link to Join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 834 8167 4559
Password: 030785
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
With Meththa
Mindfulness for Young Adults Organising committee
(Badra, Suranga, Chathu, Aruna and Chamila)