Dhamma Schooling Opportunities for Non Dhamma Schooling Children from Grade-01

Admin | 10 Aug, 2021 06:15PM | Leave a comment
Dear All in the Dhamma,

The temple (Jetavana Buddha Viharaya - Birmingham) had planned last year to conduct a Virtual (online) Dhamma School (in English), as it is a timely need, for all our children above 05 who do not have easy access to the temple on Sundays due to practical issues. This was originally an idea of the Nayaka Thero and the board of Dhamma School teachers. Since the teachers were ready to assist the Virtual Dhamma School it was very helpful for our non-Dhamma Schooling children to learn the message of the Buddha.

This was a great success and thanks of merits should go to all mentioned above including the parents and their children for making this effort such a success.

Therefore, we would kindly like to request you all (except the children of those who already attend the Dhamma School at the temple or the Virtual Dhamma School) as to send us necessary details of your child/ren willing to join in any of the 02 Dhamma Schools if you have not yet done so. The teaching sessions will be for 01 hour on Sundays. You can call the temple for more information.

Our Virtual Dhamma School is conducted on every other Sunday while the temple Dhamma School is conducted on every Sunday.

You all can share this information since any child from any part of the uk can join our Virtual Dhamma School.

You can send a WhatsApp message at 07438106897 (Ven. Udunuwara Indarathana Thero) with the following details.
Details Necessary are:
Full Name of the child:
Date of Birth with age by Sept, 2021:
School Grade that the child learning in:
Full Name, Address and Telephone number of the parent:

Kindly provide us the above details before 20th of August, 2021 for completion of arrangements.

May the noble triple gem bless you!
Ven. M. Soratha Thero on behalf of Ven. K. Gunawansa Nayaka Thero