UNP Leader Hon Ranil Wicramasighe meets National Youth Front UK

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National Youth Front UK, the Youth Wing of the United National Party the largest independent political party in Sri-Lanka had a important meeting with the opposition leader Hon. Ranil Wicramasinghe on the 3rd of October in London with the participation of all members and officials of the NYF. The event was organised by the president of the National Youth Front UK Mr Madawa Senanayake and other officials of the NYF.
The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the plan to make UNP victories in the upcoming presidential election in Sri-Lanka which may take place anytime between January and March next year.

The welcome speech was done by Mr Madawa Senanayake who emphasised the importance of a lasting and stable political change in Sri-Lanka for the betterment of the people of our country and confirmed the support of NYF to help UNP win the election with the leadership of Hon Ranil Wicramasighe.
One of the highlights of the meeting was to propose a theme which is hope of Sri-Lanka with the intention of bringing about a UNP government to power to help alleviating poverty, create long term investment opportunities to create sustainable employment for the youth and improve living standards of people. A lack of all of these factors have contributed to under development and the gap between the rich and poor in Sri-Lanka today has widened to an alarming level which may result in many more youth leaving the country and social unrest.
Hon Sagala Rathnayake who is the international affairs secretary of the UNP in his guest speech mentioned that a significant number of educated and qualified youth of Sri-Lanka has left the country because of the social, political and economic reasons who live in countries such as the UK and appreciated their help and support to the UNP. Mr Sagala Rathnayake also stressed the importance of international unity to the political movement of the UNP.
Hon Ranil Wicramasighne gave a short speech during the meeting and said despite any political interference, threat or challenge by the current government of Sri-Lanka, UNP stand a very good chance to win the general elections next year with the support and dedication of all its members and supporters. Mr Wicramasighne also highlighted the importance of getting rid of this regime which has become a barrier to the economic development in Sri-Lanka and said the recent changes that took place within the UNP and the strides UNP took by increasing its vote base in the recently concluded UVA elections have created new hope among people that a new UNP government is imminent.
The meeting which lasted for more than two hours and Hon Ranil Wicramasighne also took the opportunity to talk to each and every official of the NYF and expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to the youth Officials of NYF for their support and dedication to promote UNP to the Sri-Lankan community living in the UK.
Numal Perera the vice president of the NYF UK in his speech thanked the efforts and commitment of Hon Sagala Rathnayake and commended him for a well thought out speech.
Dasitha Gamage who is the chief organiser of NYF UK briefed about various events and activities NYF UK laid out over the last three years and Isuru Ranaweera then offered a trophy and gift to Hon leader.
Overall the event and meeting was a massive success with the participation of over 50 NYF UK officials and many well wishers of the UNP living in the UK

Article By Indika Cooray