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Sri Lankan Origin, Rishi Fernando for the Local Council Elections, Enfield

Sri Lankan Origin, Rishi Fernando for the Local Council Elections, Enfield

Twenty-three-year-old Rishi Fernando is of Sri Lankan Origin; and a Councillor Candidate running for Enfield Local Council Elections on May 3rd. He schooled throughout at The Haberdashers’​ Aske’s Boys’​ School and he is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the social care and childcare industries. He is the Chairman of Enfield North Young Conservatives. As a Conservative Rishi believes in delivering high-quality public services while managing tax payer’s money wisely.


Rishi is interested in Protecting Green Spaces and he strongly he opposes the inappropriate development on the Green Belt. He is focusing on ensuring that shambolic housing projects started under the current Labour-run Enfield Council started as long as 8 years ago are finally brought to completion. He is also planning to tackle the dangerous roads and pavements in Enfield, which are currently in a shocking state. He is aware that the current system for reporting issues is not fit for purpose and the safety of residents is being affected. As a Conservative candidate, he is planning to ensure that action is taken to fix potholes swiftly and permanently.


One of the other objectives of Rishi is to work on the fly-tipping in Enfield because Enfield has been named as the worst place in the whole country for fly-tipping. Enfield had more than double the number of cases anywhere else in England! Over 75,000 incidents were reported last year to the Labour-run Enfield Council and Rishi believes that it is time for Enfield Council to take responsibility to protect the local area and safeguard it for future generations. There are a lot of different ways to get involved with the Enfield Conservatives and you do not have to be a member to help out. Please visit Rishi’s website ( to know more about the ways to get involved.

“My name is Rishi Fernando, and I am one a conservative candidate standing for elections in Enfield tomorrow on the 3rd May in Chase Ward to represent its residents. I have lived locally my entire life and whilst I may only be 23, I have seen first hand how Enfield has suffered over the last 8 years whilst Labour have had control off Enfield Council with key local services that we rely on day in day out have been badly affected.

I live in this area, so I care about what happens here. If elected I will maintain an online presence alongside regular surgeries so that residents can contact me with any concerns they have.

If your local Conservatives are elected on the 3rd of May,

  • we will double the number of council-funded police officers,
  • we will restore weekly bin collections for all of your bins
  • we will provide a school place for every child and work with schools to improve standards.
  • we will clean up the streets and crack down on out of control fly-tipping, prosecuting those that break the law.
  • And we will overhaul the current call centre and website so that you are able to make your voice heard.

It is only a Council run by Conservative Councillors that can protect your services whilst delivering value for money.
So, on Thursday the 3rd of May, use your three votes to vote Conservative.”


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