Seasonal and New Year Greetings from Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara for 2021

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While I am wishing you all a very happy "New Year" for the coming 2021, thanks for those who have been supporting to above Buddhist Vihara in different ways such as monthly contributions/quarterly/yearly by standing orders/sponsoring 28 Buddha statues as well as altars and halos. Also a lot of devotees sponsored one or few spaces of "Pagoda" project while others sponsored various items for building works including lighting and fixing blinds for windows. By this time almost ground floor, first floor and third floor works have been completed and our monks are living there as well as conducting day to day religious and related other activities for public despite of Corona 19. Thank you all for your kind support for Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara as well as its branches in Leicester Dharmashoka Buddhist Vihara and Stoke on Trent Buddhists Vihara during the corona virus in different ways.

Meanwhile Mr.Ajith Prasanna Palliyaguruge and his wife Mrs.Thanuja Palliyaguruge (Leicester Minoli works ltd.) and their team fixed ground floor tiles and charity got to pay only for materials. Also, Mr.Palliyaguruge and Mr.Hirantha Kaluarachchi, volunteered to white was ground floor and first floor. Mr.Hirantha paid for materials without any charges for charity. Meanwhile Panjabi Buddhist community based in Birmingham paid over £4000.00 for carpeting and laminating monks' quarters which are based in second floor. Very recently following members paid for materials for ground floor tiling. Thanks to them, ground floor is looking very good and we are expecting to fix same way first floor where we have to pay only materials and Mr.Ajitha Prasanna and team of "Minoli works" will give labour free of charge.

Please note that the "Pagoda Project" got late due to corona virus but we will start it in New y P!>r ') {)') 1 .

Mr & Mrs.Hasita de Silva and family members Mrs.Vineetha Kalupahana in memory of late Dr.Ranjith Kalupahana
Mr.Jayatisaa & Mrs.Jenet Jayasekara and family
Mr.Niroshan & Mrs.Rasika Palliyaguruge
Mr.Polwatte Gallage Ananda Kumarasinghe Mrs.Nishanthi Amabagahage
Mr Kishore & Mrs.Lakshmi Maharjan
Professor Nihal Gurusinghe
Mr John and Mrs.Dhammika Knowles in memory of late Mr and Mrs S A Sirimanne of Matale, Sri Lanka and Mr A. T. Knowles
Mr.Mapa Mudiyanselage and family members Anonymous devotee from Birmingham
Mr Herath and Mrs.Susitha Mudiyanse
Mrs.Ani Punchi
Captain Prabash & Dr.Champa Manchanayake and family members
Mr.Gamage & Mrs.Kalani Abeyrathne and family members
Mr.Dishan Mrs.Achala Perera and family members
Mr.Surantha Rupasinghe
Dr.Sriya Kulupana and family members
Mrs.Manjula Senanayake
Mr Neil & Mrs.Randima Daniel
Mr Mani Chand in memory of late Mr.Kishan Chand
Dr.Tissara & Mrs.Erangi Weerasuriya
Dr.Milinda & Dr.Hansani Dassanayake
Mr.Susil Mrs.Uditha Mahesthrathge
Mr.Deleepa Dasanayake
Dr.Vasanthi Balasuriya
Mr.Anura & Mrs.Asha Ranainghe
Mr.Sakhi & Mrs.Kashmir Sampla
Mr.Tilak Wickrama and Mr.Chintaka Amarawickrama and friends and family.
Dr.Asoka and Dr.Mrs.Chithra Weerakkody Mrs.Trincy Karunadhar and family members in memory of late Mr. M.L.Karundhara

Please note that as usual, we will hold New Year day religious ceremony on 01/01/2021 from 11.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. with Buddha Puia and Atavisi Puia with "Bodhi Puia" invoking blessin s to all our members for New Year 2021. Those who can manage just participate for it. Lunch will be provided for all participants by Vihara members.

Those who can't make it on 01/01/2021 may attend for Gilanpasa Buddha Puja (evening offering) and Atavisi Buddha Puja with "Bodhi Puja" invoking blessings to all our members for New Year eve 31/12/2020 from 4.30 p.m. onwards and "Kiribath" will be provided by Vihara members for those who will participate.

May you be well and happy many years to come by the power of noble triple gems.

Yours in Dhamma,