United National Party United Kingdom Branch donate's £5000.00 to the UNP SriLanka Party Funds.

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United National Party United Kingdom Branch Celebrates Thirty Eight Years of distinguish Service to the Party. The Branch donate's £5000.00 to the UNP SriLanka Party Funds.

On Friday 3 October 2014 the United National Party United kingdom Branch celebrated the founding of the Branch by the Late Hon J R Jayewardene and Hon M H Mohamed. Leader of the United National Party Hon Ranil Wickremasinghe graced this occasion. Mr Sagala Ratnayake the Secretary of International affairs so attended the meeting. This meeting was held at Lihiniya Restaurant.

The General Secretary of the UNP UK Branch made a brief speech on how the branch was formed on 3 October 1976 at the Ceylon Tea Center. And traced the support that the branch had give to the party over these years. Each time we raise funds from fund raising events the monies are donated to the party fund in Srilanka. He also, stated that the Constitution formulated for oversees branches and approved by the UNP working committee two years ago, was accepted by the branch two years ago at its AGM. his constitution for the oversees branches must be fully implemented as it will help and strengthen all oversees branches.

Mr Sagala Ratnayake in his address agreed that the Oversees Constitution was approved by the UNP Working Committee. But due to other commitments this could not be fully implemented. He promised that the constitution for all oversees branches will be fully endorsed soon and that all oversees branches will be brought under this constitution. He thanked the branch for its support.

The Leader Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe MP in his address stated that he was very happy with the work carried out by the branch during the thirty eight years of its existence. He also, informed the branch that the Presidential election may be held in January 2015.He made an appeal to the branch members to come to Sri Lanka and help in the election activities to bring an UNP government to power.

The leader in his address.stated that during his last visit to the UK in May 2014. He requested the Branch to donate £5000.00 to the party fund.This request was was well received by the branch.And today, the branch has has fulfilled its promise.He was very happy to receive this donation on behalf of the Party.

Mr Dinesh Kapukotuwa President fo the United National Party UK Branch hand over the donation to the Party leader. And promise to continue funding the party in the future as well.

Photographs by Nalin Mallawala

Kapila Mallikarachchi
Media Secretary
United national Party
United Kingdom Branch

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