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High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis Resigns

It is yet to be confirmed whether Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Chris Nonis, is resigning after a major dispute and assault by Sajin Vass Gunawardena, the Monitoring MP for the Ministry of External Affairs. According to the Colombo Telegraph, this incidence took place at an event organized by newly-appointed Director of Sri Lankan Airlines, Dilan Ariyawansa, in light of the UN Assembly in New York few weeks ago.

In the absence of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and presence of other politicians, the dispute mainly involved MP Gunawardena, Foreign Secretary Kshenuka Seneviratne and Chris Nonis. With truth to be unveiled, it was reported that a heated argument had risen between Chris Nonis and MP Gunawardena who later used abusive language to confront him whilst in an “intoxicated” state. Consequently, the argument evolved into a major uproar where MP Gunawardena had dared to raise his hand forcing Dr.Nonis to fall and injure his foot.

It was shortly after that Dr.Nonis had pronounced his resignation to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and travelled back to London. The Sri Lankan president has ordered the state and private media to blackout any news and or reports on this issue. However, Dr,Nonis admitted he has no intentions of taking further action regarding matter.

Despite the numerous human rights allegations against Sri Lanka, Chris Nonis had always been supportive of the progress towards reconciliation which was one of the many highlights in the news media. It is worth noting that with his constructive discussions, stemming from his plethora of experiences and knowledge, leaves us in a doubtful position to a beneficial solution with this proposed resignation.

Initial – High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis Resigns
Update 01 – President rejects resignation by Dr Chris Nonis
Update 02 – Keheliya says yes and then no on Dr Nonis
Update 03 – Would continue to work in the UK High commission only if Sajin Vass is punished
Update 04 – Letter of Resignation accepted – says Doctor Chris Nonis


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  1. Shihab

    High Commissioner is a representative of a countries President. A high commissioner is given the honour equal to a head of state in the country where he is posted. Kicking and assaulting the high commissioner is equal to assaulting President Rajapakse. Its a shame to have a thug as a minister that too in foreign service. Sajin Vaas is a criminal by all means and how come US had issued visa to a criminal who had many court cases in Sri Lanka.

  2. DDB

    Wee need more men like Sajin Vass to make this country the wonder of Asia. Dr. Mervin Silva is a good candidate for the replacement of Dr. Nonis. I’m sorry but I know that it is not worth to mentioned the names of these two gentlemen’s name on a single sentence.

  3. Nihal Perera

    so the idiot of a president thta was elected by a majority of mutts wants to sweep these thuggish actions by his bootlickers . I hope the truth will come out when nonis writes his memoirs. i also wish the public can do the same to these thugs that surround this spineless creature we call a president

  4. Yako

    That bugger Nonis is a useless fellow , no men ! . Bugger should have clouted him left right and centre , after all that bugger Vass who started the fight no. self defense no Machan, no case to answer

  5. Antany Peter

    “Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of justice, of law, of order ― Albert Einstein.” The Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the UK Chris Nonis has resigned from his post due to being assaulted by a UPFA Parliament who had accompanied President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the USA when the President went to address the UN General Assembly say reports. Amen, to this news. Finally, Dr Chris Nonis got the same as Tamils. I hope the other Sinhalese intellectuals will wake up before they get the same treatment. I urge Dr Nonis to join us, and remove the least educated government in the history of Sri Lankan, in order to help the country to move forward….

  6. Naga Ramalingam

    This is a disgrace to our country. This barbaric act in a foreign country brings Sri Lanka to the lowest level. That too when the SL president was visiting to attend an international forum such as UN. The president should take immediate action against the person who committed this disgraceful act without any partiality. US can also take legal action because this has happened in their soil.

  7. Pulandev

    Dear Dr: Nonis, Why don’t you think of applying for political asylum in the UK. There is a strong possibility for you to get it.
    It is a good lesson for you anyway. you talked much of the government. Are you going to talk any more of the good side of the government?
    I think you deserve this punishment for accepting a political appointment which should have been offered to a career diplomat who passed overseas administrative service examination.

    go home and treat patients as a doctor. You cant treat political patients.

  8. Anonymous

    Hooray ! now appoint Mervin Silva or Wimal Weerawasa as the British HC, educated people with backbone isn't necessary to run the country.. !

  9. Azad Rasheed

    Probably one of the best High Commissioner. His articulation of Sri Lanka was superb.If true he was assaulted & the assailant gets away is is words fail me.Sad.

  10. Azad Rasheed

    Probably one of the best High Commissioner. His articulation of Sri Lanka was superb.If true he was assaulted & the assailant gets away is is words fail me.Sad.


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