UK's 'most generous town' revealed by JustGiving

Ziggy | 21 Aug, 2014 11:08AM | Leave a comment
Bedford has been crowned the UK's most generous town, according to data gathered by donation site JustGiving.

In the year to May 2014, 41,631 people with a Bedford postcode gave a total of £1,145,967 to appeals on the site.

JustGiving compiled its list based on the number of givers and the amount donated in relation to populations.

Richard Fuller, the MP for Bedford & Kempston, said he was "thrilled but not surprised" by the findings, saying it reflected the town's "solidarity".

"It's great to see that sense of personal responsibility to not just look after yourself but to look after others," he told the BBC.

"What's distinctive about Bedford is that going back decades now it's been a very welcoming place for people with different backgrounds."

The top 10 ranking was determined by calculating how much a town had donated via the site - adjusted to account for the number of donors relative to the

The top 10 'most generous' towns are:

10. Bristol- 28,553 donations and £848,674 raised.

9. Watford- 22,643 donations and £737,375 raised.

8. High Wycombe- 31,658 donations and £1,004,113 raised.

7. Cheltenham- 33,381 donations and £976,995 raised.

6. Aberdeen- 58,307 donations and £1,872,610 raised.

5. Woking- 27,646 donations and £921,165 raised.

4. Brentwood- 21,672 donations and £750,509 raised.

3. Reading- 58,235 donations and £1,711,566 raised.

2. Cambridge- 48,295 donations and £1,440,634 raised.

1. Bedford- 41,631 donations and £1,145,967 raised.