Colombo to gets parking meters

Ziggy | 11 Nov, 2015 11:19AM | Leave a comment
Parking meters would be fixed along the Duplication and Galle Roads and all by-roads connecting the two main roads, the Colombo Municipality said yesterday.

Tender for the pilot project had been awarded to a private company, which would conduct the project for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Director (Traffics) Nihal Wickremaratne said the project, which was to install 125 parking meters along both roads was scheduled to begin in January.

“It will take about six months for the project to be completed. Funds would be collected manually for several months before we rely completely on the meters,” he said.

Currently, the Municipality has employed a number of attendants to collect funds at parking areas in the city.

The new system would have facilities for motorists to pay by cash, card or other payment systems.

“Forty percent of the income would be given to the Municipality, while the company would take the 60 percent,” he said.

New charges for parking nor the total cost of the project had not been determined as yet, Wickremaratne said.