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One of the key events of the Sri Lankan community agenda is "the Sinhala & Tamil New Year celebration", which fall in the 13 &14 of April every year. This occasion has a great meaning to each & every Sri Lankan, specially when they living abroad. Peace & Harmony, old traditions, auspicious time, new thoughts, new cloths, cooking various traditional foods &, Native games are very popular during this festive season.

Every year, Most Venerable K.Gunawansa Thero as the community leader of the West Midlands Sri Lankan community, organise the "MINDLANDS SOORIYA MANGALLYA" with the great help of Sri Lankan Diaspora living in the Midlands. This festival helped to bring the whole community together in to a one place in order to celebrate festive season in style, promote peace & harmony among them.

This year, festival held in "SOHO COMMUNITY HALL" on 21/04/2018. Venerable Wewagama Sadda Mangala thero & Venerable Tissapuraha Sugatharathana Thero conducted the religious opening ceremony. There were few guest speakers including Labour Councillor Chaman Lal brighten up the occasion by delivering timely speeches. Among them Most Venerable Keppitiyagoda Gunawansa Thero, the Chief Sangha Nayake of Sri Lanka Ramanna Maha Nikaya to Great Britain has elucidated the meaning of "BAK MAHA" (means extraordinary month) to the crowds.

There were many traditional Sri Lankan community games to participate for both kids & adults, they were coordinated by Midland Lankan cricket team, and winners have been offered precious gifts at the end of the ceremony. Scrumptious Sri Lankan food & drinks were available at the venue. Stupefying dancing activities were presented by the Sunday school children. Event was ended by the musical extravaganza conducted by the "KO-AHH ".

Video : https://youtu.be/U9B1V9bLrxk