Gee Amanandani - Mesmerising Musical Odyssey

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Everyone who were fortunate enough to be at the Camden Centre in the afternoon of 5th July, would agree that they witnessed one of best Sri Lankan classical musical concerts in London for a decade. Others may probably have to wait another decade to witness a similar musical concert with absolute class, character and depth.

Contemporary Sri Lankan classical musical legends, Visharada Nanda Malini and Visharada Amarasiri Peiris enthralled the entire audience during their three and half hour concert of musical bliss and carried their devoted fans to a fascinating musical experience. They grasped the pulse of the audience very well and performed their best and most famous one after another, to the sheer delight of the entire audience. It was obvious that the duo hijacked audience’s emotions when Nanda Malini performed songs like “Ammawarune”, “Obai Ramya Sanda Kirana”, etc. and Amarasiri Peiris belted out his hit songs like “Landune”, “Hanthanata Payana Sanda”, “Mage Punchi Male”, etc.

Memories of Gee Amanandani - Nanda Malini & Amarasiri Peiris, UK

Memories of Gee Amanandani - Nanda Malini & Amarasiri Peiris in London,

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The day was a rare occasion for London Camden Centre as well, as it saw it is filled to its maximum capacity in the recent times. Eager guests started queuing up at the entrance couple of hours before the start of the concert. But they all agreed that witnessing that magnificent concert was much more worth than anything else.

Organisers of this concert, Lanka Matha Foundation, stated that all proceeds that were generated from this event would be channelled towards their current charity project, which is to assist the farming community in Sri Lanka’s North-Central province, who are undergoing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Photography by Praneeth Hettiarachchi

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