To Extend Helping Hand to Poverty Driven Students in Monaragala

Admin | 06 Apr, 2021 05:15PM | Leave a comment
Dear all in the Dhamma,

The head monk at Jethavana Vihara, Ven. K. Gunawansa Nayaka Thero together with the other monks in the temple has organised a programme to extend helping hand to poverty driven students in Monaragala Ethadutuwewa Kanitu Viduhala at Pubuduwewagama in Handapanagala in Sri Lanka.

You also can contribute to this merit event by contributing to the list of required items mentioned below before 26th of April, 2021 seeking blessings for you and your beloved children.

Those willing to contribute can contact the temple at 0121 5541466/ 07758112664 for further information.

May the blessings of the noble triple gem be with you!

Number of Students