Wow, He Has Cerebral Palsy And He Paints Masterpieces Using Only A Typewriter

Admin | 11 Sep, 2014 03:48PM | Leave a comment One of the attractions to basketball for me is the way these men fly through the air. Having limited mobility, living life vicariously through slam dunks is not a bad alternative to actual running around.

All was good until I read about Paul Smith, typewriter artist; a man who decided not to be a spectator in his own life. Born in 1921 with severe cerebral palsy, Paul taught himself to produce art using colored ribbons and 11 keys on a typewriter plucked from a neighbor's trash.

The Paul Smith Foundation site tells us: Since he couldn't press two keys at the same time, he almost always locked the shift key down and made his pictures using the symbols at the top of the number keys. Paul's parents were told he most likely wouldn't live past infancy. Paul had other ideas, leaving the rest of us and thousands of typings behind in 2007 at the age of 85.

To create a work of art using a handful of keys on a typewriter took intense foresight; this same skill also helped Paul become a "formidable chess player." There's a moral to this story and unfortunately it involves me walking all the way around the block next time.