Katina Ceremony at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara 2020

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As per, the recent communication about "Annual Kathina Ceremony" at Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara, which was held on 25 October 2020, has been completed with participation of devotees from different areas in Midlands and beyond. The ceremony was initiated on Saturday evening with offering of evening "Gilanpasa" or medicinal offering to the Buddha. The ceremony was participated with main sponsors of this year Drs.Thisara & Erandhi Weerasuriya from Ayer, Scotland alone with members of above Buddhist Association.

Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara would like to convey our sincere thanks or "Anumodana" for those who have sponsored weekly "Dana" and other requirements as well as sponsoring of "Atavisi Buddha Pujas". Also there have been a lot of devotees who made special contributions for "Vassana Retreat" as well as "Kathina ceremony" from around the country. We would like to thanks for those who have made special donations towards "Pagoda Project" on our request. We would like to let you know that we are having 12" high Buddha statues for gift those who would like to have free of charge. It is made out of plaster of Paris and suitable to keep in every house hold. This is a free service and provided by Mr.Prasanna Palliyaguruge - the secretary of our Leicester Dharmashoka Buddhist Vihara. If anybody would like to have one or more contact us on 01215236660 or e-mail wkassapa1@hotmail.com

Finally, we would like to convey our sincere thanks or Anumadana for your kind participation by mentally, physically and verbally with "Dana, Seela, Bhavana" for this special ceremony which is held once a year. May all of your departed relatives as well as celestial beings observe these merits and attain everlasting happiness of Nibbana and finally all your family members be well and happy many years to come by the power of noble triple gems.

Theruwan Sarani