London Buddhist Vihara Kathina Ceremony 2020

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KATHINA signifies the traditional end of the Vassa (Rainy) Season pertaining to the Buddha's own home ground in Northern India. A Vihara may perform this ceremony only once in any particular year. Kathina is an auspicious event giving devotees the rare opportunity of offering a Kathina Robe to the Sangha who have observed the Rainy Retreat (Vassa) at this Vihara. The occasion also gives an opportunity for practising Dana (generosity) in providing useful requisites to the monks and to the Vihara in general.

This year the Vasana period was sponsored by four families from New Malden, Greater London.
The sponsoring families were
Mr. Rohan Payagala, Mrs. Sumedha Payagala and family
Mr. Sanath Jayaratne, Mrs. Pushpa Dasanayake and family
Mr. Jayathilaka Atapattu, Mrs. Chula Atapattu and family
Mr. Nimal Wattage, Mrs. Asoka Wattage and family

The ceremony was held at the Vihara on Sunday, 25 October 2020.

This year, recipient of the kathina robe was Ven Thawalama Bandula, resident monk at the Vihara.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions applicable to Places of Worship, only 15 persons could be accommodated at the Vihara. Therefore the visitors to the ceremony were limited the members of the sponsoring families.

The event was live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook enabling devotees to take part from home.