Ayubowan Colombo, Your Uber Has Arrived! Enjoy limited time free trail rides

Admin | 22 Oct, 2015 07:25PM | Leave a comment
Colombo, an inimitable potpourri of burgeoning businesses, cuisines, nightlife, experiences, and sport woke up to the news of secret Ubers roaming its streets. From the streets of Slave Island to the sunny beaches in Mount Lavinia, to the bustling corporate towers of the WTC, Colombo started racing to grab Uber’s coveted Rider Zero spot. Leading from the front were Sri Lanka’s most iconic cricket legends, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara.

In true batting-power-play fashion Mahela and Kumar cut through the crowds, flicked open their Uber app and drove home that ‘Request Uber’ button. Their timing, as always, was impeccable. Within minutes, sleek Ubers appeared curbside and scurried off with our two Rider Zeros. They both put up a good fight to snag that first ever Uber ride in Colombo, but we’ll let you decide who won!

Uber brings in a more efficient way of getting around Colombo. Whether it is an early morning ride to the airport, a mid-afternoon school pick-up, Sunday shopping drives to the supermarket or late night food-runs to Pillawoos, you can bid adieu to your driving and parking woes, and just tap a button on your smartphone. Easy peasy!

During our testing phase we will have limited cars available; expect longer ETAs than usual. We are working hard to add more cars and deliver the ultimate Uber experience in Colombo. Give us a try if you haven’t yet! Use the promo code ‘UBERINCMB‘ to enjoy 2 free rides up to Rs. 500, each! (New users only, valid until 15th November, 2015)