Nava Durga Presentation at Ealing Amman Temple

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The nine forms of Durga have been shown through different dance styles at Kanaka Thurikai Hindu Temple Trust at Ealing. Nava Durga concept was presented based on from Devi Mahatmya chapter of Markandeya Puranam. 11 dancers have participated and showed the story in seven different dance styles. Several devotees and Guests of Honour attended the programme.

From Sailaputri to Siddhidhatri, all nine Durgas were explained. It is for the first time in the UK that Nava Durga was showcased and it was very relevant to host the program around Dussehra celebrations time. The Mayor of Ealing Cllr Tejinder Dhami, GLA member Dr Onkar Sahota, Virendra Sharma MP President Janahanda Foundation Sri Lal Dias have all attended and appreciated the performance and the concept. The presentation was directed and choreographed by Ragasudha Vinjamuri of Sanskruti Centre. Dancers have come from different areas in Britain.