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Gee Unforgettable night with Beautiful Music

The beautiful musical event Gee Amaa took place on 2nd of November 2014 at Logon Hall, London, United Kingdom.

The never ageing voice of Sri Lanka ‘Mr. Priya Suriyasena’, the most melodies voice of the era ‘Nirosha Viragini' , Very talented ‘Piushan Perera (Late Milton Perera’s son)’ along with the most diversified music composer of our age ‘Mr. Suresh Maliyadde’, created the magnificent event with the help of many talented musicians both from Sri Lanka and United Kingdom. The musicians who joined Suresh Maliyadde from Sri Lanka are number one talented players. Nihal Kalubowila with Tabla, Jayantha Dissanayake with Saxophone and Rukshan Gunawardane with Violin contributed massively in order to bring the night to its perfect level.

All the hard work of the organising team paid off really well to a vast audience who left after the show with nothing other than pure music fulfilment.

What a night it was. How wonderfully the team delivered was evident by the audience’s positive reviews after the show. The event was a quality musical event with quality and high standards who brought singers from three generations to entertain the UK audience who loves music.

The show started with Priya Suriyasena singing ‘Adaraniya Neranjana’ the cheering crowed. His other songs ‘Atha ran Viman, Sarathasa Niwa, Hadawatha illa...captured the audiences heart who loves him over the decades. Then came the sweetest voice of Nirosha Viragini with the song ‘ Sinathotak’. Nirosha sang quite a few songs including ‘Punsada Rata, Sanda Diya Uthura and Sanda rajini. Nirosha beautifully singing ‘Manzile’ hindi song to Suresh Maliydde playing the Piano was a real treat to the audience. The audience was thrown back to 60s when Piushan Perera entered the stage with his late father Milton Perera’s song ‘Sikuruliya’. He then went on singing most famous songs by his father. Kalyaniye, Asa randunu randunu and Pem apsarawo to name a few. There were two duet songs by Priya Suriyasena and Piushan Perera with Nirosha singing with both the singers. One more highlight of the show was Priya singing the Medley, combining the songs, Sudu parevi rana se, Mulu muhudama handai and Sanda tharaka nivavi.

All the artists performed well and were satisfied with the audience’s response. All the instruments played well by the musicians. The whole evening went smoothly leaving no faults with Suresh Maliyadde’s directorial and leadership skills.

The organisers also honoured the singers and the musicians with the Gee Amaa Souvenir.

It was a beautiful evening which will stay in the audiences’ memory for a very long time.

Official Photography by Praneeth Hettiarachchi

Videography by Waruna Lelwala
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