Atavisi Buddha Pujava & Katina Ceremony, Kingsbury Buddhist Temple

tmadawela | 26 Oct, 2017 10:23PM | Leave a comment


The Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre performed the annual Kathina Ceremonies with great pomp and ceremony in the presence of hundreds of devotees.

This year's Vas Aradhanava was extended by Dr M.P. Silva & family and the Dayaka Sabhava on Sunday July 9th 2017.

The Atavisi Pujava, an ancient tradition of paying homage to the 28 Buddhas of the past, was held on Saturday 14 October 2017.The actual Kathina programme began with the Kathina Robe being escorted to the Temple from the residence of Dr M.P.Silva in a Perehera at 6.30 am. After the Buddha Pujava and Vandhana, Aggamahapandita Ven. Galayaye Piyadassi Sangha Nayaka Thero administered the Eight Precepts. There after the programme included a meditation session, Dhamma Desanas. Dhamma Discussions. The Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony took place at 3.30 PM in the presence of HE Amari Wijewardena, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and other dignitaries. In a unanimous decision the Kathina Robe was offered to Ven. Galayaye Dhammadassi Thero.

Other Venerable monks who participated in the ceremony were Ven.(Dr) HanduPelpola Mahinda Nayaka Thero, Ven. Matihiliye Dhammananda Thero, Venerable Nepal Sumana Thero, Ven Nepale Tissa Thero and Ven Nepale Indasak Thero .

And from Sri Lanka Ven.(Dr) Akuretiye Nanda Sangha Nayaka Thero, Ven. Gethatte Sobhita Sangha Nayaka Thero, Ven. Bodhiseeha Nayaka Thero came to participate in the ceremonies.

And from London- Ven. Kebellewe Sirisumana Thero,Ven. Makure Mangala Nayaka Thero; Ven. Gunnapane Sumanarama Nayaka Thero also participated.

Photographs by Tissa Madawela and Saman Kumara