Richmond College Wins Thrilling Encounter Against Mahinda College UK Alumni

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A historic cricket match that has been a symbol of unity and sportsmanship among Sri
Lankan cricket enthusiasts in the United Kingdom reached a significant milestone this
weekend. The Annual Cricket Encounter between Richmond College and Mahinda
Vidyalaya Alumni UK celebrated its 31st anniversary with a gripping showdown at the
Amersham Cricket Club, Buckingham, England, on Saturday, September 9th.

In a match that kept spectators at the edge of their seats, the Richmond College Alumni
team emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious ER Wijesuriya Challenge Cup. The
Mahinda College Alumni team, batting first, showcased their prowess with a score of 135
runs at the end of 30 overs. However, it was the Richmond College team that stole the show
with a remarkable reply, scoring 136 runs in the final over, securing a thrilling win.

The outstanding performance of Vikum Kaludora from Mahinda Vidyalaya, who took 3
wickets for just 6 runs, earned him the title of the Best Bowler of the match. Inshan Hadgie,
who contributed significantly with 45 runs and also took 2 crucial wickets, was not only the
Best Batsman but also the Man of the Match. His stellar performance earned him the
coveted ER de Silva Challenge Trophy.

What makes this match even more special is its eligibility criteria - players must either be
alumni of Richmond College or sons of alumni. This year, the event witnessed the
participation of cricketing legend Champaka Ramanayake, a former fast bowler and bowling
coach of the Sri Lankan team, alongside his son Sandesh Ramanayake, a popular school
cricketer, both representing Richmond College UK OBA team.

This cricketing extravaganza, reminiscent of the historic Richmond vs. Mahinda encounters
in Galle, Sri Lanka, which has spanned 118 years, found its way to the picturesque Chiltern
Hills, nestled beside Shardeloes Lake in England. The Amersham Cricket Club served as
the perfect backdrop for this friendly match, with a large number of Sri Lankans coming
together to celebrate their shared love for cricket.

The Annual Cricket Encounter between Richmond College and Mahinda Vidyalaya UK
Alumni has not only become a sporting tradition but also a platform for fostering camaraderie
and preserving the rich heritage of Sri Lankan cricket. As the 31 st anniversary edition came
to a close, it left behind memories of spirited competition, outstanding performances, and the
enduring bond of cricket.