Sharing Merits of Jethavana Vihara Kathina Puja 2021

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Sharing Merits of Jethavana Vihara Kathina Puja 2021

It is a great meritorious pleasure to inform you all that we, together with all our devotees were able to conduct our Kathina Puja Ceremony – 2021 meritoriously, successfully following the necessary safety precautions with the participation of a considerable gathering.

This time, the Kathina Puja Ceremony was core-sponsored by the united team effort of ten families.
1. Mr. Sunil & Mrs. Rasika and Family
2. Mr. Channa & Mrs. Wasanthi and Family
3. Mr. Upali & Mrs, Basi and Family
4. Mr. Thushara & Mrs, Prasadi and Family
5. Mr. Sanath & Mrs. Shyamali and Family
6. Mr. Saman & Mrs. Biyanka and Family
7. Mr. Priyantha & Mrs. Mari and Family
8. Mr. Nandana & Mrs. Lanka and Family
9. Mr. Maxi & Mrs. Hasitha and Family
10. Mr. ASela & Mrs. Malika and Family

Apart from their contribution to the event many of our devotees too joined in various ways to make this a great success.

We were also able to livestream the event Via Zoom and the Temple Facebook (at with the support of Mr. Prasanna and Mr. Susitha.

Below is the link to the gallery of the event produced by Mrs. Samanmali.

Therefore, we are meritorious enough to bless you and all your loved ones for good health and longevity and may the power of all this merit be with you all to be able to fulfil the path for eternal liberation from suffering.

May the blessings of the noble triple gem be with you!
Ven. K. Gunawansa Nayaka Thero