PSA BT/RKM Shivananda Vidyalaya presented Winter Sports Gala 2016

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Once again a large number of participants and spectators gathered at the Harrow Leisure Centre on the 14th of February 2016 to take part in the 13th annual Winter Gala. This event was organised by the Past Students of Shivananda National School, Batticaloa for the past pupils of some well-known institutions in various parts of Sri Lanka, living in London, to celebrate a day of enjoyment and relaxation. It's true that the fields of sports unite the people of this world from all walks of life regardless of the religion, language, age or creed. In fact, it was heartening to see members from different communities playing together with good will.

Since 2003 'Winter Sports Gala' has grown from strength to strength and this year there were more than 100 participants of all ages taking part in Table Tennis, Badminton and Swimming competitions. This year's event was a success as a result of the untiring efforts, determination and dedication of the members of the Executive Committee and it was evident that some younger generation of the members including the Sports Secretary worked hand in hand to make this event a success. They should be congratulated for their commitment to build a bridge between the older and the younger generations.

It has been inspiring to note that the PSA(UK Branch) grow and flourish from strength to strength and already encompassed not only Sports events, also events to make their younger generation from their community to be aware of their social and cultural heritage, even though they live in a foreign country. Since its inception in 1995, the PSA (UK Branch) has a proud history to record that they have been annually organising Cultural Evenings of a very high standard. The children's Christmas party too have been popular and successful. Besides, they have been making funds and equipment available to the Alma - Mater and some selected Orphanages for the benefits of the students there in Batticaloa.
The PSA (UK Branch) has been taking part in tournaments organised by both the TSSA and the FOC every year and last year, had a specific significance to them as they became the Champions in the TSSA tournament and reached the Quarter-finals in the FOC tournament.

The presentation of this event began with an introductory speech by Mr P Ketheaswaranathan. During the award ceremony they were privileged to have both the President and the Secretary of the FOC, Mr. Shiran Almeida, Mr. Krishan Bulathsinghala, the President of TSSA, Mr. K S Satgunaseelan, among them to appreciate the winners. The President and the Secretary of OBA of Central College, Batticaloa Mr. Arun Sri and Mr.M Sanjeevan, the members of TSSA Mrs.Geetha Vijayadeva, Mr.Edwin Gunaratnam and Mr. Joy Pooranachandran were also present. The event came to an end with the vote of Thanks by the Chair Person of the PSA (UK Branch) Mr. V.K.Suresh, who thanked all the special invitees, participants, members of the Executive Committee, the spectators and the well - wishers for their encouragement and Support to make this event a success.

By: E I Kumar (Ex Chairman)

Photographs by Praneeth Hettiarachchi