“Contact Sri Lanka” Online Portal for Overseas Sri Lankans

Admin | 28 Mar, 2020 03:17PM | Leave a comment
The Ministry of Foreign Relations has created a website for all Sri Lankans who reside or travel overseas for studies, employment or other reasons to register voluntarily on “Contact Sri Lanka” with their contact details.Registering online in the web portal will allow the Ministry to reach out and provide assistance during emergencies such as the COVID19 outbreak. This Portal will connect Overseas Sri Lankans with stakeholders in Sri Lanka and the network of Sri Lanka Missions abroad.

In the long term, the Portal is expected to serve as an official source of information and will facilitate Overseas Sri Lankans to obtain services offered by the Government.

The website also provides news updates and has a mechanism for requesting assistance from the ministry.
The URL is https://www.contactsrilanka.mfa.gov.lk/

The data provided through this portal is protected to ensure privacy of the Overseas Sri Lankans and will not be shared without the consent of the users.
Within the first 30 minutes from the site becoming active we got 500+ people registering from 65 different countries!