Fundraising for New Kidney Transplant Unit of Peradeniya Teaching Hospital Sri Lanka

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Peradeniya Teaching Hospital Sri Lanka is launching its new Kidney Transplant Unit in April 2021. This will help to treat adults and children suffering from Kidney diseases all over the country. This New Unit will provide facilities to the people who must undergo many hardships for survival. With this treatment unit we will enable people to have a better and healthy life which will allow them to flourish their families together.

With the completion of the new building, we now require your help to fund the equipment for the new Kidney Transplant Unit. This is done in three stages and the first stage includes the equipment that are mandatory for the unit to function and treat the patients effectively. The total estimated cost of the equipment values circa £80,000. Our fundraising efforts to date have been able to raise from Sri Lanka £13,180. List of equipment is attached. Your help on this worthy cause is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards Vernon Udugampola (HON MBE) President

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