London Buddhist Vihara Update on Classes Due to COVID-19

Admin | 06 Nov, 2020 10:55PM | Leave a comment
Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the London Buddhist Vihara is closed to the public. The evening classes of the Vihara are now conducted online using the Zoom facility.

Please find the information of online classes below and join them if you are interested in them.

Advanced Buddhism
Selected discourses from the Buddhist cannon (Tripitaka) will be discussed in this class. The current topic of this class is The middle length discourses (Majjhima Nikaya) of the Buddha.
- Every Tuesday 7.00 to 8.30 pm
- Conducted by Ven Kassapa

Join Zoom class
Meeting ID: 893 4685 8576
Password: 763147

Meditation Class
This Meditation class is for both beginners and advanced meditators. Guidance will be given to beginners and Those who are familiar with meditation are most welcome to join as well. The class includes instructions, silent meditation and discussion.
- Every Wednesday 7.00 to 8.00 pm
- Conducted by Ven Kassapa

Join the Zoom class
Meeting ID: 829 8800 6535
Passcode: 173838

Introduction to Buddhism
A Ten week online course starting 7.00 pm GMT Wednesday the 6th January 2021
- Conducted by Julian Wall

To register please email

For more information please go to
All the classes are free of charge and donations welcome.