10 reasons why you NEED to be at Sapphire 2017

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10. The Hilton London Metropole

Sapphire 2017 is going to be at the Monarch Suite of the exclusive Hilton London Metropole on the 4th of March. What's more, there's now a special 20% discount for guests of Sapphire staying the night! Get ready for an experience you won't forget for years to come.

9. The Afterparty

With the Ministry of Sound's resident DJ RAZZ playing, there's no way that this is going to be anything short of absolutely amazing. Two hours of the best dance hits to finish off the biggest Sri Lankan night of the year.

8. These guys

The UK's #1 Sri Lankan Band Exceed is back. These guys have rocked the stage of pretty much every big Sri Lankan event in the UK. Don't be surprised if you find yourself having to force yourself to get off the dance floor!

7. The Arrack is back

You can't call it a Sri Lankan party without some of the good stuff. Thankfully, word is, the bar's going to be pretty well stocked - definitely well enough to last the night.

6. The Baila Legend

Desmond DeSilva turned out to be a massive hit with young and old alike at Sapphire 2014. This year, 'The King of Baila' returns once more to have you dancing to his world-famous baila tunes all night long.

5. The Kandy Lamissi

Said to be the perfect complement to Desmond's unimitable style, Mariazelle Goonethileke regularly charms sold-out audiences around the world. She's performing at Sapphire for the first time in a long time but you really are in for a treat.

4. Sri Lanka's Latest Pop Sensation

Having proven to be an absolute hit at Sapphire 2016 performing alongside BnS, Ashanthi and Randhir she's back again by huge popular demand, both among guests of Sapphire and in Sri Lanka. UMA-RIA steps in to make sure you don't get tired of all the classic baila (if that's actually possible).

3. It's all for charity

Every bit of profit made from Sapphire 2017 will go to two charities doing much needed and outstanding work expanding the cancer unit of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, and building a School for Special Educational Needs in Gampola. In fact, Sapphire's donations over the last two years to Child Aid Lanka is being put to even more use to secure a Rotary grant of $70,000 for development projects in northern Sri Lanka.

2. Unlimited Sri Lankan Buffet (with Kottu!)

Start off with a drinks reception, complete with vadai and mini mutton rolls. Treat yourself to an unlimited Sri Lankan buffet with tender chicken curry on a bed of pilau rice. Mix things up with a generous serving of hot butter garlic fish and top it off with a big spoonful of dhal curry. Make sure you try the devilled potatoes, cashew curry and the aubergine moju. Simmer things down with some creamy chocolate biscuit pudding, a serving of fresh fruit salad or a few scoops of ice cream.

In short, Sapphire 2017 has got your Sri Lankan food cravings covered.

1. It's the biggest Sri Lankan night in the UK

Sapphire famously brings together over a thousand Sri Lankans from all over the UK and even Europe. If you really want the ultimate Sapphire experience, you could even  get a VIP Table for you and your friends! There's definitely no better time of  year to meet up and celebrate your Sri Lankan pride with fellow compatriots than at Sapphire 2017.

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