Queen Elizabeth II - Tributes from Mahamevnawa Buddhist monastery - UK

tmadawela | 23 Sep, 2022 12:32PM | Leave a comment
During the period of National mourning, residents and the Basildon council members were invited to our monastery to pay their final respects to her late Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II. There was a designated area _BY_ the Monastery’s Main Building with floral tributes. Since Saturday 17th morning of September, from 10am onwards.

A Book of Condolence was also made available at 9.30 am at the entrance of the Meditation Centre.

The special blessing ceremony was held at 5pm on Saturday 17th, by the Venerable Saddhatissa Thero on behalf of the Mahamevnawa Monastery.

Counselor Patricia Reid had joined and represented Basildon council, addressing the gathering, giving gratification for organising the event in a successful manner.

Dr Kirana Arabage, on behalf of the Buddhist committee, had expressed the service rendered by the Queen and her visits to Sri Lanka. He also reminded the Audience about the Victoria Dam reservoir, one of the largest irrigation projects which was fulfilled during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ms Nadee Wanigasekera had conducted the meeting and conveyed gratitude to the audience.

To conclude, the event organiser Prasanna Muthukumarana had given the vote of thanks, particularly to_ Venerable Pinwath Loku Swaminwanse Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero in Sri Lanka, Founder of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery, and all the Venerable resident Monks, for their dedication and encouragement to organise the event.

He had also appreciated Mr Prasad Binuwara CEO Shraddha TV, who had coordinated from Sri Lanka. He added his appreciation to all Members of the council and recited emails received from councillors who could not attend, thanking the Monastery enormously for taking time as a community to bless our beloved Queen.

Programme concluded with blessings and chanting.