Most Heinous Insult In Cricket History: Shehzad Censures T.M. Dilshan For Converting Into Buddhism

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Update 1 - PCB investigating Shehzad’s religious remarks to Dilshan
Update 2 - hmed Shahzad ‘faces action’ over religious spat
Update 3 - Dilshan speaks about Ahmed Shahzad incident

Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad has censured Sri Lankan cricketer Thilakaratne Dilshan for abandoning Islam and converting into a Buddhist.

Following the third and final ODI between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Shehzad has blamed Dilshan for converting into another religion saying the Sri Lankan batsman had done a wrongful act. Shehzad’s comment is clearly captured on ‘Ten Cricket’ telecast of the match.

Surprised at the Pakistani cricketer’s comment, Dilshan had attempted to defend his position. At this point, Shehzad had walked away from Dilshan as if he did not want to hear Dilshan’s explanation.

Although “sledging” is not uncommon among international cricket, referring to one’s religion and ethnicity is considered as a heinous act. Dilshan has still not made any formal complaint over the incident.

Shehzad made this remark after Dilshan scored a blistering half century in the third ODI against Pakistan in Dambulla, leading Sri Lanka to a series win 2-1.

Thilakaratne Dilshan has been a member of the team since November 1999, and was also known as Tuwan Mohammad Dilshan before his conversion to Buddhism. At one point, Dilshan is also a former captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

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