St. Joseph's College OBA UK crowned as Champions Festival of Cricket 2019

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Congratulation to the Champions St. Joseph's College OBA UK for winning the Festival of Cricket 2019

Winners: St. Joseph's College, OBA UK
Runners-up: Royal College, OBA UK
Plate Winners: Dharmaraja College, OBA UK

Player of the Tournament: Sandun Dias - St. Joseph's College, OBA UK.
Man of the Match: Supeshala Jayathilake - St. Joseph's College, OBA UK.

Ladies tournament winners: Mahamaya OGA UK and Kandy Girls' High School, OGA UK (Joint winners)

Unity - Harmony and Togetherness we had today as one big family helped to complete the cricket festival on a successful note.
Apologies for the early closure due to the fire incident. Thanks everyone for helping us to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

And finally, thank you so much for coming to FoC 2019!