Festival of Cricket  2015 - Appointment of Sub Committee Chairmans and Advisors

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Festival of Cricket  2015 - Appointment of Sub Committee Chairmans and Advisors

The Annual General Meeting of the Festival of Cricket was held on 12th October 2014 with the participation of 31 Old Boys Association representation in the UK to elect the New Executives and to appoint the Committee Officials for the year 2015.

The in-coming Hon President, Mr Upul Ekanayake highlighted the importance of getting everyone's participation in its activities and working as ‘One Team’.  This will maximise to benefit its stake holders in particular and its beneficiaries in general. This will also provide with some opportunities to shine on untapped talents of the members in the organisational skills.
With this new appointments, the newly elected Executives have taken an unprecedented move this year to utilise the wealth of experience of the past Executives by appointing some of them to the key posts of the Executives in advisory capacities where necessary in order to facing up to the challenge of its increasing number of new Old Boys' Associations memberships from the Sri Lankan OBA's.

Also, this newly appointed organising Committee is mindful of their boundaries with some budgetary restraint to demonstrate a fair play within the given budget for the year.

"FoC's track record so far is pretty good when it comes to the benefits and contributions towards its representing OBA’s. Also it beneficiaries such as Cancer Institute’s in the UK and as afield as our motherland, Sri Lanka" emphasised Mr. Ekanayake.

FoC has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1989 with the support of  Sri Lankan community and sponsorships from various organisations.  This annual event with a day packed with fun and excitement to enjoy Cricket in a festive atmosphere, also benefits the OBA Schools in Sri Lanka to receive contribution from the FoC for their Alma mater.

For more information please visit - www.festivalofcricket.org

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